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How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

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How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

Tips for choosing the right bathroom mirror

There are a few things a bathroom needs to be optimal. Aside from the distinct items such as a toilet, vanity, sink, towel handle, cabinet, among other things, a crucial part of your bathroom is your mirror. Bathroom mirrors serve as a centerpiece of elegance and beauty for a home’s restroom. Bryan Sebring shares this insight in his, Bathroom Mirrors That Are the Perfect Final Touch:

“Homeowners and designers from all fashions and backgrounds consider the bathroom vanity mirror as one of the most important design elements for a bathroom of any size.”

So, what exactly goes into the decision on which mirror to include in your bathroom? The experts have spoken and the three biggest elements are the size of the bathroom, the mirror’s size, and lighting, both on the mirror and in the room. Let’s take a look at each:

The Size of Your Bathroom

Your bathroom’s size is a significant factor when determining what type of mirror will enhance the look. You may place two mirrors if your vanity is wide or a single mirror that is large enough to fit over both sinks. Two vertical mirrors, rather than a single large one, will give the space a distinct look of luxury. On the other hand, if you prefer an open look for your bathroom, a single wide-reaching mirror will emphasize the spaciousness of the room.

Rule of thumb: Focus on the proper shape and orientation of the mirror and less about its grandiose.

The Size of the Mirror

The mirror’s size itself is another important factor to consider. If the mirror is not sized correctly, it can be a detriment to the feel of the bathroom. The following are some points to consider about the size of the mirror relative to your bathroom’s vanity furniture:

  • Bathroom vanity mirrors that are the same width as the bathroom’s vanity create a balance in the ambiance.
  • Vanity mirrors should never be larger than the vanity itself as it can look overbearing and ominous.
  • Mirrors can be shorter in width than the vanity if they have a frame, and are at least parallel to one another.
  • The mirror should be kept between 4 to 6 feet above the floor, to center on the average eye line.

Rule of thumb: Be wary of a mirror that feels too large for your space, if you’re thinking that, your guests will certainly too.


   The final vital component to consider is lighting. While some mirrors can be decorated with lights either above or adjacent to them, backlit mirrors or mirrors with lights attached to them are trending and will provide your look with an unmatchable sense of modernity. An infographic from Accent Art and Frame, describes how lights hanging above the mirror can be an eyesore and can take valuable ceiling space from the bathroom. The latest mirror styles have backlights or lights attached around its frame, which can make your morning routine much more comfortable. Furthermore, their relaxing ambient glow will revolutionize your bathroom. Having proper lighting is very important, so mirrors with vanity lighting make a great addition to the bathroom aesthetic.

Rule of thumb: Consider a lighted mirror not only for a brighter reflection but also the illumination and glow of the entire bathroom.

What next?

Now that you are familiar with the key factors to consider when choosing your bathroom mirror, you also want to make sure that these mirrors portray elegance, luxury, and a modern style without losing functionality. The Vanity Lighted Black Table Wall Mirror is an excellent addition to your bathroom as it can light up your morning routine with this vanity mirror that can sit comfortably on a table or be mounted on the wall. The black base color means it can match with any decor. For a narrower vanity in your bathroom, the Elegant Antique Silver Finished Accent Wall Mirror can be hung horizontally as the beaded frame features a rustic silver finish for an elegant antique appearance. Finally, for a more full vanity with two sinks, a pair of Gold Bamboo Square Finished Accent Wall Mirrors with its beautifully symmetrical bamboo-style design would make a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

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