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Mirrors Liven Up the Room

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Mirrors Liven Up the Room

Choose Mirrors for Your Living Room

What other space is better to relax, host guests, catch up on the latest TV shows, and feel most comfortable than your living room? This space is usually filled with large sofas, radiant lights, masterpiece paintings, and elegant coffee tables. One essential item that ties the whole living room together is a mirror. Decorative mirrors are versatile, adding to the design theme of your living room. Interior designers always use mirrors to add an illusion of space, reflect natural light, and complement the style of the living room. Many experts have opinions on the best size, placement, and style of mirrors to fit in your living room. Maria McCutchen, in her blog 20 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Mirrors, explains how mirrors will help fill an empty wall, create a focal point, and brighten a dark living room.

“Speaking of reflecting, using mirrors in your living room is one way to reflect many things in your living room, from its beauty, to light, to space, which can help increase the look and feel of the room.”

Empty Walls No More

If you find yourself with a blank piece of wall and are looking to cover it, the best way to fill that empty space is with a mirror. Not only will it turn that bare piece of wall into something more exciting, but you can also play around with the size and style of the mirror depending on how wide or narrow the wall is. A long mirror will add height and cover a larger area on a narrow wall, but might look bare on a wide wall. In that case, a  horizontal mirror will do the trick. You can even get creative by adding three or four mirrors horizontally on a wall to include your favorite styles without leaving bare space.

Enhance the Space

To create depth and increase the light in your living room, the use of mirrors is a must. Add two mirrors opposite from each other to create incredible depth. A mirror across or beside the window of your living room will help radiate the natural light into a previously dark room. A large mirror behind the sofa, opposite of the window will create a welcoming ambiance of warmth. Decorative mirrors can be a focal point for when you and your guests enter the living room, including the wow-factor of the intricate designs you handpick.

Styles of Mirrors

A vertical mirror with a unique design can resemble a painting on a wall especially above a mantle or the fireplace. Large floor-standing mirrors are perfect for placing them adjacent from windows for maximum natural light reflection. Round mirrors are always in style. Danielle Blundell, from Apartment Therapy’s blog 20 Eye-Catching Ways to Decorate with Mirrors, recommends adding round mirrors to balance out the edges in your living room's furniture.

“These circles are definitely a calming, eye-pleasing shape, but they can also balance out a composition full of other geometric elements.”

Enhance your living room space and impress your guests with the use of mirrors. You can’t go wrong utilizing decorative, large, and round mirrors in the room made for relaxing, hosting, and reflecting about life. Talking about reflection, make sure you have plenty of items that will do the same!

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