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Why Round Mirrors Are Always a Great Choice

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Why Round Mirrors Are Always a Great Choice

Why your next mirror should be round

Humans have always had a certain fascination with circles. There is no surprise as to why circular mirrors are always an ideal choice when decorating your walls and enhancing your home’s style. Interior designers believe that mirrors do more than reflect and emphasize the environment surrounding it; mirrors add pizzazz to a wall. In Jessica Isaac’s 5 Reasons You Should Add a Round Mirror to Your Space you will find that:

“...mirrors have come to be a solid fixture in interior design and, more recently, round mirrors seem to be challenging the rectangular norm (and for good reason). We think round mirrors are here to stay…”

So why are round mirrors always in fashion? The experts say it’s due to these mirrors’ balance, timelessness, and calm. Let's take a look at each factor.  


Round mirrors offer a unique change of pace compared to your traditional rectangular mirrors. Your furniture will most likely already have a lot of straight lines and edges. Adding a circular and smooth mirror to your wall can bring “an unexpected touch to space” as the Kate Watson-Smyth puts in her blog Best Round Mirrors.

Rule of thumb: Balance between round shapes and angular edges brings aesthetical harmony into any space.


Circular and round mirrors never cease to be in fashion. As previously mentioned, rectangular mirrors have always been the safe choice in interior design. A round mirror’s shape adds as an unexpected, yet classic element, that invigorates your space and adds sophistication to your decor. Using round mirrors with unique designs adds personality to your home while still keeping it simple.

Rule of thumb: A round mirror will stand the test of time and add distinction to your look today.

Calming Nature

We are subconsciously affected by many elements in our surroundings. We usually view angular lines as rigid and sharp, while we view curved lines as soft and smooth. There is no question that round mirrors subconsciously calm our minds and adds a smoothness to the environment. Mirrors that bring comfort and balance are usually round, so you can’t go wrong with circular designs.

Rule of thumb: A round shape brings calmness and smoothness to a room.

What Next?

If you’re tired of the conventional square mirrors or the traditional rectangular mirrors, it is time you switched over to more circular designs. You can choose to keep it simplistic with framed mirrors like the Maurice Glossy Black and Gold Detail Round Wall Mirror, or you can add some pizzazz with some decorative styles like the Contemporary Gold Swirl Sun Round Accent Wall Mirror. Round mirrors will fit great above mantles, in an entryway, or even in the living room where they have the ability to reflect natural light while calming you for a relaxing afternoon. Consider switching from the traditional angular mirrors to the more versatile and universally appealing round mirrors.

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